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MoneyDhan is your Money Guide

Making Money & Managing Money are two different skills. Hire us to manage your money at no upfront cost.
  • Pay for Result modelHire us. Get result. Pay 10% of profit
  • Products that makes moneyBetter than PMS and MF
  • Tailor Made for every individualEvery person gets a unique allocation.
  • Every Financial Product available is a permutation & combination of just 3 Investment options. We say if you are in stock market, demand 100% returns in 5 years.
  • 1. Bank Fixed DepositsInterest rates are at 45 year low
100% returns with zero Risk in
0 Years
Fixed Deposit @ 6% CAGR
  • 2. GoldYou volunteer for some price fluctuation risk
100% returns with some risk
0 Years
Gold Compensates faster than FD as reward for risk undertaken
  • 3. Stock MarketMF, PMS, Demat Account etc leads to Stock market
To be fairly compensated, you should get 100% in
0 Years
MoneyDhan seeks this growth with capital in stock market

MoneyDhan is your money guide

Making Money & Managing Money are two different skills. Hire us to manage your money at no upfront cost.
  • People avoid doctor visit or a lawyer consultation just because the outcome is not assured but, payment is !
  • Finally when the situational need for their service supercedes the urge to save money, we visit them and pay.
  • Financial planning or Investment Advisor is seen with similar dislike. The consultation costs but results are not assured.
  • We at MoneyDhan.com wants to be that Advisor who gets paid only if you get positive result. Which means, talking to us is free.
  • Stop Paying for Advice. Pay for Results only.
Every Financial Product available is a mix of just 3 Investment options.

We say if you are in stock market, demand 100% returns in 5 years.

Bank Fixed Deposits

Interest rates are at 45 year low
100% returns with zero Risk in

12 Years

Fixed Deposit @ 6% CAGR. No risk. No Time commitment required.


You volunteer for some price fluctuation risk
100% returns with some risk

9 Years

Gold Compensates faster than FD as reward for risk undertaken.

Stock Market

MF, PMS, Demat Account etc leads to Stock market
For the risk taken, demand 100% in

5 Years

MoneyDhan seeks 100% with Equity as a fair return for risk taken.

Investor Friendly Products

Our Products

99% of Investing is about Doing Nothing

Demat Equity Long Term


Suitable for anyone aged between 18-60 with a holding period of more than 5 years.

  • Expected Return 12% CAGR (3 years) ,15% CAGR (5+ years)
  • Risk Moderate
  • Minimum Investment Any amount is welcome. Even 10 thousand

Accumulate large cap, Sector leader companies. With intention of minimal to no churning.

Tailor made portfolio for every individual that meets your specific risk appetite, age and financial goals.
Beat Nifty Index during rally and minimize loss when Nifty falls.

Covered calls, Protective Puts etc..

BlackBox Alpha Short Term


Suitable for anyone aged between 18-50 with a holding period of more than 2 years.

Market neutral, Black-Swan proof derivatives (F&O) Strategies. Seeking 10%+ income per year, irrespective of market direction. Black box is add-on over Demat Equity long term product.

  • Expected Return Expected Return 12% CAGR (3 years) ,15% CAGR (5+ years)
  • Risk Moderate
  • Minimum Investment 5 Lakh Rupees
Make close to 6% to 8% every year on top of your Mutual Fund Returns.

Mutual Fund Beater


Suitable for anyone with investments in mutual funds seeking additional periodic income.

Collateralize your mutual funds with the stock exchange. We use the margin gained from your mutual funds to execute very conservative derivative strategies.

  • Expected Return Existing Mutual Fund return + additional 6% per year
  • Risk Low
  • Minimum Investment 10 Lakh Rs worth Mutual Fund holdings
Weekly expiry trades in NIFTY using options.

Weekly Expiry


Suitable for anyone with good monthly cash flow. Seeking over the top returns.

Non-correlated to market direction, our team of experienced risk managers have chalked out strategies that produce high cash flow, using weekly options. A common concern with derivatives option writing is high risk. We were able define the worst outcome as, 20% of capital.


  • Expected Return 20% drawdown is expected to occur once every 4 years.
  • Risk Volunteering for this high risk provides us reward of 2% to 3% a month
Preferred Client
You will LOVE us, If you are..
  • Aware of the fact that post expense ratio and churning, Mutual Fund cannot achieve your financial goal.60% of entire Mutual Fund Industry money is invested in just top 9 Nifty stocks. 10% goes to HDFC twins.
  • Someone who prefers MF Direct Plan against expensive.We are Zero Fixed fee. Buying Direct equity is close to zero cost nowadays. You can mimic best MF as well, for free.
  • Unable to commit 50 Lakhs to Portfolio Management Service (PMS)No minimum Balance. We can mimic the best PMS out there in market.
  • Not comfortable in giving Power of Attorney (POA) to anyoneExecute Yourself. We just provide you with advise and guidelines.

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Money matters, needs talks

Connect with us. Talk to us. Ask the most harsh questions. Since we don't earn anything upfront, we are shamelessly blunt and honest.
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    Track Record

    Real Numbers & clients. Only guy who tells you truth is your CA. Check these people's capital Gains Report, which your CA asks for Income Tax Filing. Numbers cannot lie.


    Mr Seshadri is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor himself. 20 years Risk Head at IL&FS Securities. He hired us to explore how we operate. Our business model seemed quiet attractive to him. Seshadri sir, gave us 5 lakh to a year. With a mandate to beat nifty.


    Mahesh is a CA from Pune.

    Mr. Kush

    Trusted us with 20 Lakh at first go itself. After checking on our progress, he was kind enough to add another 10 Lakhs into his own Demat Account, which we manage.

    Mrs. Shruthi

    Mrs Shruti opened Demat Account in February Month 2020. A question was raised by an enquiry recently. How did the account perform, which was opened in February month. February saw all time high for Nifty. In March, due to covid 19, Nifty crashed by 30%.

    Mr. Shubham

    Mr Shubham is from Delhi. A young Financial Market enthusiast who is working for a US based Mortage Lender. Objective here is to accumulate amount for his retirement and provide some cash flow for monthly expenses. We are good at managing various risk so that the portfolio Stays steady and grows consistently.

    Mr. Gala

    Mister Gala is a Marwari businessman, with deep pockets, for high-risk tolerance. We implemented a directional, long-only, leveraged,...

    Mrs. Swathi

    Last 1 year (Jan 2019-2020) performance for a mother of two kids. Earning a decent salary.

    Mr. Sukhdev

    Mr. Sukhdev is the one person who has seen our worst numbers in his account. Faced Il&FS crisis, 2019 election , Tax reform rally, 2020 budget crash and march covid crash
    Result First Business Model
    Its Free to Hire us

    10 Thousand for every 1 lakh profit.

    Capped at 2.5% of Asset Under Management.No time limit. We risk our reputation, commit our time & resources upfront - until you see 1 lakh profit. If you paid us 30 thousand it means, you made 3 lakh profit.
    • Your Stock Broker act as the platform via which your trades are executed, as well as the custodian of your capital and stocks.
    • MoneyDhan acts as the investment advisor who handles the research, builds and manages your portfolio.

    Did you know that

    In the past 20 years,
    • HDFC Bank doubled every 4 years.
    • NESTLE  doubled every 5 years.
    • DABUR doubled every 5 years
    • AsianPaints doubled every 5 years
    • BAJAJFIN doubled every 4 years.
    • NIFTY makes a new high every 3 years.
    • BankFD @6% takes 12 years to double.

    If you cannot beat them,

    We are filling a gap in finance industry

    No body earns based on results provided.
    Everyone is taking a fixed fee payments from you.

    • MF earns fixed via Expense Ratio
    • PMS earns fixed via Asset Management Fee
    • Distributor earns from Trail commission
    • Financial planner earns fixed 1% of AUM

    ♦ We are non of the above !
    ♦ Just Like Amazon’s Cash-On-Delivery
    We request Rs 10 Thousand,
    After you earn Rs 1 Lakh profit first.
    ♦ We commit our resources, time, skill & expenses upfront for you.

    Who We Are
    We are advisers, not distributors
    We earn 0% commission or kickbacks from anyone else. Our only source of income is 10% profit share from you.
    Fiduciary responsibility
    All our advise is provided through a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. Financial planning is a regulated activity and we take this very seriously.
    Challenges we solved

    No pooling of Capital

    Every Execution is done with your permission

    Single click, withdraw capital

    100% Secure Transactions

    Dashboard to track holdings.

    ZERO fee • No trail commission

    •No AMC •No Lock-in •No expense Ratio •No Exit load

    Never pay unless you see results.

    How to Start?
    • 1. Connect UsWe will understand your profile.
    • 2. Know Your Customer DocumentsWe need some soft copies that verifies your identity.
    • 3. Agreement between you and usThe agreement mentions your risk profile, the kind of guidance, mode of guidance, service cost etc.
    • 4. Assign us your broker accountShare us the details. Funds in your account. Existing Holdings if any. Capital Gains report etc..
    • 5. We reach out with our email/SMS/Whatsapp etc You execute the trades in your own demat account
    • 6. Share your performance reportsOnce every month share us your Holdings and Capital Gains report.
    We request 1% of Asset Under Advisory (AUA) upfront. Say 5 thousand upon 5 Lakh capital. At year end, this is adjusted against the profit share of 10%. Assume you gain 50 thousand profit upon 5 lakh by year end. 10% of 50 thousand is 5 thousand