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Compensated only with the fee clients pay directly to us.
We are Not earning commissions by any means.


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Holds SEBI’s “Registered Investment Adviser” (RIA) License

Our products crosses the limitations faced by Mutual Funds, Portfolio Managers & SmallCase themes

At no commitment ; Talk to us without hesitation. Explain to us, Your requirement. Our Strategy experts will recommend the suitable combination of products for you.

Nifty Beater

Buy NiftyETF with Downside capital protection.
Only Product in India with
“Protective Investment Strategy”

Stocks picked uniquely for your need. Suitable for anyone aged between 18-60. Long term means holding period of more than 5 years.

BlackBox Alpha Short Term

Derivatives (F&O). Suitable for anyone below age 60, seeking 10% return over & above their existing equity portfolio.

Unrivaled MoneyDhan Special products

Structured Product is not so famous in India. They are Famous in USA.
We are pioneering that concept in India.
India missed professionals who are experts in Derivatives.

Participate on the Upside

When the market goes up, Small POTS product enhances your returns. Maximum Loss is fixed. Risk to reward ratio is usually 1:3 or more, in your favour.

Whether you are seeking Quick income or Higher returns from Nifty, Managed outcome investing can get you there.

Participate Against the Downside

We can help you earn when market falls down. Add a level of protection using our product HEDGE INSURE to help preserve your MF or Equity investments against unpredictable market crashes.

Only strategy in India that earns profits for you, when market falls.



You have complete ownership and control of your money

Capital Control

Your capital is held in a trading and demat account with a third party broker, the control to which only you have.

Risk Management

We actively manage your downside risk during volatile market conditions using quantitative techniques.


Your investment with MoneyDhan’s guidance do not have a lock-in. You can choose to redeem your funds anytime.

Dedicated Investment Manager

You are assigned a dedicated investment manager who serves as your financial advisor for your investment, both within and outside MoneyDhan.

Nifty Beater (Our Flag Ship Product)

Nifty Beater Beats your Nifty Index on Upside. Provides Capital protection if nifty falls.

The index beater product never seen before in India.


“I am Risk averse. I can take some risk on my capital, but not full loss of capital. Also, I would like to earn handsomely if market goes up – How?”

Nifty Beater

Enjoy the benefits of protected portfolio.

Managed risk using capital protective strategy.

Upside returns just like NiftyETF

Customised Structure Product

Peace of mind, when NiftyETF crashes.

You don’t have to be rich to protect your portfolio. You just have to,

Popular in USA. First Time in India.
Explore more on protective investing. Read More


Common Sense Leverage

If nifty goes 100 points up in a year,
Leverage gets you 150 points of Nifty.


Nifty Never Goes to ZERO

Nifty is a collection of Inida’s top 50 companies.
India’s top 2 companies, Reliance and TCS could go to zero.
NIFTY will simply replace these two stocks but, Nifty will not go to zero.


Monthly Income Strategy

Nifty Beater enables us to give you cash flow options writing strategy.
Credit writing call strategy earns hefty during,
(i) During sideways market or,
(ii) In a falling market.

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Capital Protection Strategy

Nifty Beater uses Protective Put Buy to cap your maximum loss.This Insurance protects your capital, in case Nifty Index falls down.

Houses, vehicles, health and life all have insurance. Even your mobile/laptop you are using now, has insurance.

But taking insurance against your Mutual Funds or Nifty Index ETF is a never heard before solution.

Small Pots - Managed Outcome

Enhance your Index Returns by multi folds when Nifty goes up.

Small POTS Represent Small Pre-Defined Options Trading Strategies

When the market goes up, Small POTS product enhances your returns. Maximum Loss is fixed. Risk to reward ratio is usually 1:3 or more, in your favour.

Whether you are seeking Quick income or Higher returns from Nifty, Managed outcome investing can get you there.

Minimum Capital Required?..... 1 lakh

Holding Period?..... Few weeks to 3 Months

Number of trades?
Just one Time Set up.
No follow up required.

Who executes?
You can execute in your own exist broker like zerodha, Groww,Upsock etc. Our RM will hand Hold you

1. Demat Equity Long Term

Direct Equity in your own demat account, based on our advise.

We suggest Large cap blue chip, Sector leader companies with no intention to exit.

An MF is like a train, where an 18 year old and 60 year old gets same stocks as NAV units. But You are unique. Your stock portfolio should be unique too. Stocks picked are unique for you.

This is way Better than MF.

The stocks rest in your own demat account.

We buy And Hold With No Churning
We buy And Hold With No Churning

2. BlackBox Alpha Short Term

Suitable for anyone aged between 18-60 . Must Volunteer for additional 10% risk/reward upon their portfolio.

Low risk Derivatives (F&O) Strategies. Seeking 10%+ income per year, irrespective of market direction. Black box is add-on over Demat Equity long term product.

Advise from moneydhan vs Self-Trading

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All our advise is provided through a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. Financial planning is a regulated activity & we conduct our activities very seriously.

Pressure is upon us to perform. Also your money stays in your own demat account. We don’t touch your capital !

We are attacking the ridiculous "fee-Based" culture in Indian finance industry

Finance industry makes a "promise" of outperformance and, takes fixed fee as payment upfront, from you. What if that promise fails? No body earns after providing you with positive results.

We are non of the above !

Just Like Amazon’s Cash-On-Delivery. We request Rs 10 Thousand, After you earn Rs 1 Lakh profit. We commit our resources, time, skill & expenses upfront for you. Maximum amount we can bill you is 1.25 Lakh( 10% of 12 lakh profit) as per sebi cap.

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