Hedge Insurance for Nifty 10% (12Month)

60% return in 10% fall of Nifty (12 M)
Structured Product || Hedge

Earn profit when Nifty falls by 10% in a year. A fall of 10% in nifty should be approximately at levels of 16000. The startegy generates 60% return, if Nifty falls and closes at 16000 on Dec end of year 2023.

Just one time trade, Executed in your own broker’s Demat account. Our work is to guide you via Email. Follow up on bi-weekly basis.
Dedicated Relationship manager.

Minimum Capital

1 Lakh rupees

Holding Period

Ends on date 28 December 2023

Max Profit on 1 Lakh

60 Thousand Rupees

Max Loss on 1 lakh

11 Thousand Rupees

Max Profit in Percentage


Max Loss in Percentage

– 11%

Maximum Profit Condition

If Nifty closes at 16000 on date 28th December 2023

Maximum Loss Condition

If Nifty closes anywhere above 17500 on date 28th December 2023

Asset Used

     Nifty Index Options

Profit Zone

Nifty close at  12000

Nifty close at 13000

Nifty close at 14000

Nifty close at 15000

Nifty close at 15500

Nifty close at 16000

Nifty close at 16500

Nifty close at 17000

12 thousand rupees

12 thousand rupees

12 thousand rupees

12 thousand rupees

40 thousand rupees

60 thousand rupees

40 thousand rupees

11 thousand rupees

Nifty close above 17500 will have a fixed loss of 12 thousand rupees