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We are
SEBI Reg` Investment Advisors Not MF distributors Not Insurance Agents
in finance industry

We earn ZERO commission or kickbacks from Mutual Funds, broker, insurance or anyone else. Our only source of income is the fee you pay.


There are only 1334
SEBI registered Investment Advisors in India.
We are one amongst them!


We guide you with
Demat Account Management.

Your capital usually ends up in a demat account. There you keep your shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Sovereign Gold Bonds etc… 
This demat account with broker is completely safe and secure.
The problem arises when you cannot decide what to buy or sell, without proper research. 

We provide our support and advise via email only. Which is part of SEBI compliance, inorder to record every communication.

All our advise is conflict free. Because we earn via fee from you. ( Doctor-Patient relation).
We do not and legally cannot gain commission, brokerage or kick-backs from any other third party.
Our source of income is your fee. Our allegiance lays with you.
We both are sitting on same side of the table here.

MoneyDhan is pioneering into “Managed outcome strategies” As well as ” Downside Protection Strategies”

Our Goal

Moneydhan wants to solve 3 hurdles


We want to generate 100% within 5 years. “Hopefully ~ No guarantees”


We never want you to trust anyone with your money.

There is no money transaction between you & moneydhan. Your money stays in your own demat account. Our advisory comes to you via email.


We should receive unbiased, honest advise. Also something that saves your own time and provides results.

Our Suggestion

Moneydhan says, out of following  3 options,
Go for the 3rd one

First option

As an Indian is to go to Bank. Open a Fixed Deposit. The bank Employee will give him/her a guarantee certificate to double capital in 12 years at 6% interest rate. No risk, No time invested. Any capital can be deposited. Scalability is not an issue.

Second Option

Invest into gold. Expose yourself to some price fluctuation risk. This risk comes with a benefit. Gold can double very 8 or 9 years, based on Historic data. Faster than FD.

Third Option

Bring same capital to stock market. Demand higher compensation for the inherent high risk exposure which cannot be lowered. Thus we require 100% returns within 5 years at the least.
Our Demat Equity long term product has enough evidence to present our case.
Demat account ensures that you have complete control over your own capital. You need not share id or password with us. No pooling of capital.

We are running this out of passion. An brand building exercise. Therefore we are okay to commit our time, resources and energy upfront for you. We have kept our fees very nominal and affordable.

Everyone charges for the “Knowledge Gap” .
No one is actually charging you for “Results”

Mutual fund earns 1 Rs fixed fee for every 100 Rs invested while, earns 1 Rs as profit share if 100 becomes 110Rs (10 Rs profit)
*Subject to Maximum fees of 2.5% above 1 Crore AUA
& When AUA is below 1 crore, Maximum fees of  Rs 1.25 lakh. As per Sebi guidelines

A Fixed Fixed Fee from MF/PMS or others is usually 1%. This 1% x (multiplied by) 5 year time period adds upto 5% , in other words; rupees 5 lakh for your rs 1 crore capital.

Moneydhan (we) ask for 10% profit share. This ensures that, you must have already earned 50 lakh profit because of us, before paying us rupees 5 lakh fee. Better deal than the above scenario with MF/PMS or others.

We put ourselves in the shoes of investor (YOU), who is going to trust us with his/her financial details and future goals. 

We would agree that, the bussiness model needs to be skewed in your favour, to make it a no brainer to trust us. We don’t earn unless you earn. Hire us for free, wait for 12 months to see our results and then pay us. It just makes sense even to a 3 year old to trust us !!

We Work On A Result base Model

Everyone charges for the “Knowledge Gap”. No one is actually charging you for “Results”

Knowledge Based Model

A lawyer, A doctor earns for the knowledge that they have and you don’t. Irrespective of the outcome, You pay a fixed fee.

Paying Expense Ratio is Fixed Fee. Paying Exit load , Asset Management Charges, Subscription fee are all an indirect way of saying, “Pay me for my knowledge a fee. Don’t question the results”.

Result based Model

Result based :- model is akin to ola/UBER. You pay for dropping you at destination. Amazon Cash-On-Delivery is result based. World runs on result based.
We are volunteering to take up this challenge. You should pay for the result that you receive from us. We are willing to commit our reputation time, resources and energy upfront for you.

Our Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are, while building loyalty across every touchpoint.

Sujith Salunkhe

Chief Executive Officer

Sujith completed his Btech in Information Technology followed by an PG in Financial engineering & Risk Management from National Institute of Securities Markets. Meanwhile he accumulated multiple certificates including Investment Advisor XB, FRM (USGARP) making him an authority in finance field.

Sujith Salunkhe holds an experience of 15 years. His family business of bullion dealing exposed him towards the commodities market of gold,Silver crude etc way back in 2005. His trading experience ranges from commodities , International FX pairs to Indian Stock market.

His decision making system combines a mix of Pattern recognition along with a study of probabilistic approach using excel based quantitative models.

Sujith runs a 60cr prop book which includes his own funds along with few High Networth Individuals. Using Derivatives and long term equity combination, he has been crossing 20% CAGR  consistently over a decade now. is that public facing entity, which hopes to mimic sujith's philosophy in your demat accounts and scale it up.

His theory is, If risk Free Bank FD generate 100% in X years. Stock market should provide that return in half the time. (5 years)

Hardeep Korde

Chief Operating Officer

Hardeep completed his Masters in Economics. He accumulated multiple certificates including

Hardeep Currently pursuing FRM® , CFA®

He comes with an 2 years experience working at biggest Broking firm in india.

A young guy with immense maturity when it comes to market strategy, execution, quantitative analysis and fast execution of trade orders.

Our Track Record
Case Studies And Reviews

Real Numbers & clients. Only guy who tells you truth is your CA. Check these people’s capital Gains Report, which your CA asks for Income Tax Filing. Numbers cannot lie.

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