Pharma Sector with an edge of Inflation

HOW’S A SKILLFULLY CONSTRUCTED HEALTHCARE PORTFOLIO A BETTER CHOICE? High Inflation has a gruesome potential to hurt the investor’s sentiments. Macroeconomics phenomena have a direct impact on security markets. High Inflation is one such major macroeconomic phenomenon. Did you know, that a pharma theme portfolio can be a savior, and can still hold its ground for […]

Learn From Past Inflation

The Nifty has built up the largest net long positions in futures, as of 10 June. These positions are the largest since the March 2020 covid lockdown. The current market price action is influenced by several factors, including the US Fed rate hikes, the taper tantrums, and inflation fears.  Were these events unexpected? Of course […]

Mutual Fund’s Industry

What will be the future of MF’s industry? Specifically, what will be the future  of actively managed MF’s? MONEYDHAN INVESTMENT ADVISORY  As SEBI registered investment advisors, we at cannot make you exit or Invest without proper due diligence. India is at the lowest among countries as MF assets wrt to GDP (2019 data) So […]