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What investment strategies made you rich?

Investment Strategies are for two types. Outlier Rare Jackpots General Common Strategies Outlier Is the guy who bought Infosys/Apple/Amazon during IPO or the First few investors in Bitcoin. These are...

NIFTY November 2020

Nifty is 1085 points up since opening for November month, at the time of writing this answer. Today is Diwali , Saturday 14th of November. Nifty closed at all time...

IDIOT strategy to beat Nifty Index

How with no knowledge, no research and just 10 minutes in market, beat NIFTY over long term.

AMC market value should be larger than Banks or NBFC

Great PMS manager Shankar Sharma once enlightened us, in an interview. An Asset Management Company has zero risk. It transfers all it’s risk to the investors. Think of Franklin Debt...
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