Introduction Let me give it straight to you. Today is October 2022. Wipro is 40% down from its all time high. I am going to put my neck out and say the following, “Next year before December 2023, Wipro should be 100% up. The stock is trading at 380 today and, It* should *cross 760 […]

“Inflation”​ Rise can kill UK?

Inflation going up forces banks to raise interest rates. Higher interest rates causes bond prices to fall.But inflation was never an issue since past 30 years. Story between 1960 till 1970s Inflation shoots up from 1.4% to 5.8% As a consequence, Central banks raise interest rates from 4.1% to 8% Inflation is a hint that, […]

Pharma Sector with an edge of Inflation

HOW’S A SKILLFULLY CONSTRUCTED HEALTHCARE PORTFOLIO A BETTER CHOICE? High Inflation has a gruesome potential to hurt the investor’s sentiments. Macroeconomics phenomena have a direct impact on security markets. High Inflation is one such major macroeconomic phenomenon. Did you know, that a pharma theme portfolio can be a savior, and can still hold its ground for […]

What is the rich people’s investment strategy?

The nutshell of investment is how fast doubled your money and, what was the initial investment? A rich Guy before making any investment looks at few needs Scalability – Ability to multiply Transparency – Frequent Updates Liquidity – Easy Exit Enough of theory, let me demonstrate the various practical ways ; 1. Using your own hands A tea […]

Should I invest in index funds in India?

Nifty50 (NSE index) is a bag that holds within the top 50 stocks of india, in terms of market capitalization (value of company) and liquidity (ease of buying or selling at will) Once i told my friend that “ Nifty, it makes a new high every 3 years” He was impressed and consequently he said, […]

How did the LTCM hedge fund blow up?

In the 1950s, individuals dominated trading. Now institutions with nearly unlimited resources make up 90% of daily trading volume. There are ever increasing 325,000 Bloomberg terminals and 120,000 Chartered Financial Analysts. Technology and the explosion of information have leveled the playing field. John Meriwether founded LongTerm Capital Management in 1994. For 2 decades before LTCM […]

Probability Estimation Guessing Analytical

Let’s Start Many of us fears to take a decision confidently in career, business or in life. So Why not just make it simple and statistically significant also. Yes you can with some basic common sense and some probabilistic attitude . I am here to explain you the basics of estimation to make your guess […]

Stock-Based Compensation (SBC)

Why Stock Based Compensation (SBC)? As investors, I think we can gain a lot of insight into companies by looking at their SBC policies what incentives they create, how much they cost, etc. The goal behind SBC is we want a company’s executives the CEO, upper management, ideally anyone making important decisions to think like […]