Is Information Technology Sector a Buying Opportunity?

It is not hidden from anyone that the IT sector is one of the most crucial sectors of the Indian industry as well as one of the largest drivers of export revenue for the country. The industry currently contributes about 7.7% of GDP and is expected to contribute about 10% by 2025. The whole world […]

Mutual Comparison Between SBI Focused Equity Fund & Axis Focused 25

What are you buying when you invest 1 Lac in the SBI Focused Equity Fund? What are you buying when you invest 1 Lac in Axis Focused 25? Every mutual fund manager has just few stocks to choose from. Therefore, most Mutual Fund houses will have similar stocks. The below ones are the common stocks. […]

How ITC is still underperforming

There is a boy in the class who performs quite well on internal assessments. During that time his bragging is on the next level. We are happy with his performance for those short term. The only issue is that, he has been studying in the same class for the past 7 years! Confused? There is […]


VIX is volatility index. Also known as Fear index of market. Let us dive deep into VIX with this article. As per definition, The variance for the near and mid month expiry computed separately are interpolated to get a single variance value with a constant maturity of 30 days to expiration. The square root of […]