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Demat Account Management

99% of long term investing is doing nothing.

What does Demat Account Management mean?

Demat account management is a transparent portfolio management service. Capital is never pooled. Any execution is carried out by the Authorized Personal, after consulting you( the owner) and with recorded permission.

A demat account comes with freedom unlike PMS or MF which are long only universe. A demat account owner can short index, write options for regular premium income as well as , buy insurance against potential crash in market.

Equity accumulation forever holding ; Our Rules
1) Sector leaders
2) Any company that has crossed 1 lac crore market cap
3)We do not exit any holding at any circumstances. We might buy a put protection.
4) Find companies that double every 5 years atleast.

Did you know HDFCBANK doubles every 4 years?
Since 1999, HDFCBANK has been doubling every 4 years.
Almost 10% of entire Mutual Fund Industry money is parked with HDFC twins.
Mutual Fund industry thrives on HDFC Twins.
Below image depicts who won WorldCup vs where was HDFCBANK ?

Did you know NIFTY makes a new high every 3 years?
>Why would you ever worry about correction, if you were made aware of this data.
>Nifty makes a new high every 3 years. Most of the investors seek faster growth in >Midcap and then cringe about the downside risk, when it manifests.
>Suggesting a Nifty buy always brings back the smile in 3 years 🙂

Did you know DABUR doubles every 5 years along with elections?
> Elections are held, governments in india change every 5 years.
> What we find is, Maybe government falls short to full-fill its promise of keeping its citizens wealthy and prosperous.
> Next best thing is Dabur !
> This company has been doubling every 5 years ; election to election.

All these claims are independently verifiable by a simple google search. We earn 10k, if and only if, if you earn 1 lac first.