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FAQ Payment transfer


How to Transfer Payment?

When you open a demat account with your broker, You already provide them with your bank details.

That means, They will accept as well as pay-out your amount from adn to a single bank account which you have pre-registered.

Of course NEFT as well as NetBanking is the mode of payment.

How safe is it?

As safe as it can be. Remember even Mukesh Ambani holds his Reliance Shares in a Demat account.

Our Track Records

  • Mr.Seshadri

    Mr Seshadri is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor himself. 20 years Risk Head at IL&FS Securities. He hired us to explore how we operate. Our business model seemed quiet attractive to him. Seshadri sir, gave us 5 lakh to a year. With a mandate to beat nifty.
  • Mahesh

    Mahesh is a CA from Pune.
  • Mr. Kush

    Trusted us with 20 Lakh at first go itself. After checking on our progress, he was kind enough to add another 10 Lakhs into his own Demat Account, which we manage.
  • Mrs. Shruthi

    Mrs Shruti opened Demat Account in February Month 2020. A question was raised by an enquiry recently. How did the account perform, which was opened in February month. February saw all time high for Nifty. In March, due to covid 19, Nifty crashed by 30%.
  • Mr. Shubham

    Mr Shubham is from Delhi. A young Financial Market enthusiast who is working for a US based Mortage Lender. Objective here is to accumulate amount for his retirement and provide some cash flow for monthly expenses. We are good at managing various risk so that the portfolio Stays steady and grows consistently.
  • Mr. Gala

    Mister Gala is a Marwari businessman, with deep pockets, for high-risk tolerance. We implemented a directional, long-only, leveraged,...
  • Mrs. Swathi

    Last 1 year (Jan 2019-2020) performance for a mother of two kids. Earning a decent salary.
  • Mr. Sukhdev

    Mr. Sukhdev is the one person who has seen our worst numbers in his account. Faced Il&FS crisis, 2019 election , Tax reform rally, 2020 budget crash and march covid crash