What Is Moneydhan?

We are Sebi Registered
Investment Advisor

We guides you with Demat Account Management.
The intention is to use Stock Market as a source of income which could provide sufficient wealth appreciation inorder to meet future Financial Goals for every Indian citizen.

Who is MoneyDhan.com ?

MoneyDhan is a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor which guides you with Demat Account Management.

The intention is to use Stock Market as a source of income which could provide sufficient wealth appreciation inorder to meet future Financial Goals for every Indian citizen.

Is my Money Safe?

Yes. It is safe and secure from any kind of potential fraud or glitch of the system.

We do not accept any of your capital. You fund your own demat account, opened under a legal exchange governed stock broker. (Zerodha/Sharekha/motilal oswal etc). They hold your capital whereas moneydhan just advises you, on the action to be taken in your demat account.

Where is moneydhan Based?

We are based in Ernakulum, Kerala. MoneyDhan has a pan India presence.

Our Registered Office is in Kerala however our team members are spread across major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Rajkot etc

Who decides how my money is invested?

Your money is looked after by a team of qualified investment managers with experience and real profits earned  in their own prop accounts.

Our experts have developed an investment system that uses actuarial math based algorithms and industry experience to pick the best investable assets for you, then builds you an investment plan that suits your goals and attitude to risk. And because things are always changing in the financial markets, our team monitors and adjusts your plan regularly, to make sure your money works as hard as you do.

Do you provide financial advice?

Yes. We are SEBI registered Investment Advisor licensed to provide financial advice to you.

Unlike a Mutual Distributor, Bank RM, LIC Agent or a CA who is barred from stock or MF related investment advisory activities.

Can i pick stocks or choose that I invest in?

Technically the demat account is owned by you. We cannot restrict you from squaring off or adding new position.

However, we believe too many cooks ruins the dish. You shouldn’t hire a driver if you intend to drive yourself.

is there a minimum amount i need to invest?

Any amount is welcome. We have a single client with 25 cr also we commit equal time for our 18 year friend who invests 2000 rupees per month.

Our preference is 5 lakh plus where we can introduce our derivatives strategies into your Demat account. But that is not mandatory.

is my money locked?

No. You can “square off” all the standing position. Instruct your stock broker to move all the funds back to your pre-defined bank account. Usually takes 2 days.

Can i monitor my investment?


Indian all electronic investments done via stock broker or any other Mutual fund platform has a dashboard that keeps you updated real-time with what’s going on with your capital.

Can i invest monthly?


There is no stipulation that you should do one time Lump-sum or a give us a monthly commitment.

On any day , any amount can be transferred for investment purpose. Just fund your demat account. Drop us an whatsapp message and we will email you our advice for investment allocation. We keep maintaing your risk profile and other details that guide us in guiding you in an on-going basis.

Is investment risky?

Yes. It is risk. It has to be.

If you are seeking risk free investment; SBI Bank Fixed Deposit and wait 12 years for your 100% return on capital without risk.

Here we are trying to generate 100% return much faster. This reward demands some risk to be volunteered. Inorder to reach faster, you need to accelerate and volunteer a risk na.

Why trust moneydhan.com

You are not trusting Moneydhan. We are Sebi Registered Authorized Personal under MotilalOSwal.


You are trusting MotilalOswal and Stock Exchange.
We cannot touch your money in Demat Account.
Payout happens to your Pre-provided bank account only.


If you feel uncomfortable, Click on “Request Payout” button in your mobile App and pull out the capital.

Do you share losses too?

We receive this question alot. There are 3 ways to look at it.


Scenario 1. We agree to sharing loss.
This means, we will not charge 10% profit but we will do 50% sharing in loss and profit. (Thats our confidence on ourselves)

a) We buy Debt Fund. Earns 6%. We receive 3 %. Well we didn’t speak of which asset.
b) We generate 12% return in a year. Nifty gave 12%CAGR for 10 years. We get 6% as half profit share. You end up with debt return again.
c) We generate 15% or above every year. In that case, with a track record like us, our minimum will be 1 crore capital. This wont help the small investor with 5 lakh.


Scenario 2. We are Lesser of the available Devils

Present option is to invest a 10 lakh in Equity Mutual Fund and pay expense ratio of 10 thousand per year Fixed. If MF gives you 15% or (-10%), the Asset Manager still earns your 1% of capital every year. This is your present option.We earn 10 thousand after making 1 lakh for you.


Whereas, we earn 10 thousand after you make 1 lakh first. If you paid 50k in 5 years. You made 5 lakh in 5 years !


Scenario 3. Our numbers Beat others

If you are able to beat our track records. You don’t need to hire us. We step in, when your capital gains are negative even after multiple years in market. 

Will You Withdraw Capital From My Demat Account?

We cannot touch your capital.


Only authority we get is to execute trade order in your Demat account, on Your behalf.
Yet,we cannot execute any order without your permission as email.


Your Pay-in and Pay-out of money happens only between your Pre-determined bank account.


While opening a demat account, we request you bank details,  cancelled cheque as proof

What Is Your Fee Structure?

10 % of profit share. We usually target 1 lac profit so as to request 10k ( 10 % ).

Difference Between Demat Account, Pms Or Mutual Fund?

How Much Time To Open An Account?

Once all documents are verified, it takes 20 minutes.
Verification takes 1-2 days

Can I Use Huf For Account Or Firm Account?


HUF, Pvt Ltd, LLP, Trust  etc all types of account is possible.

Can I Update My Mobile Number/Email/Address/Bank?

Yes. A modification Document PDF is sent to you. Download it. Print it. Fill it. Scan and upload it. 

In two days , it gets approved and updated. Based upon the proof provided.

Can I Transfer My Existing Mutual Fund?

Yes. As long as your Pan Card matches. Its possible.

If I Transfer My Direct Mutual Fund, Will It Be Converted To Regular?

The direct MF stays Direct. If the source MF was Regular, it stays Regular.

How Do I Fund My Account?

At the account opening KYC stage, you would have submitted us with a bank proof. Payment from that bank account ONLY will be accepted.
Internet banking( RTGS), Online Payment gateway from Motilal’s app, UPI are various modes of transfer. We do not accept Cash.

What Will Happen If Moneydhan Closes Down?

Your Demat is under CDSL where all the stocks/Mf holding is safely stored. Accessible to your direction as well, without our presence.
If we don’t exist, surely the Motilal Oswal team will be there to service your needs. Under no circumstances, you would have an issue with your holdings or payouts.

How Do I Withdraw Money From My Account?

You can withdraw cash from your account at any time. All you have to do is initiate the withdrawal process from the ‘Payout’ tab on the mobile app or desktop. The money will be wired directly to your bank account. It may take the same 2 hours – 4 business days for the Amount to reflect.

Who Executes My Order?

We seek permission via Registered email before every execution.
Using our master terminal, we execute the order, in your account.
Via mobile app from the broker, you can always verify the Trades, Profit or Loss, net balance lives.

Can I Do Sip (Systematic Investment Plan) ?

You can do sip of any amount.
Also, you can fund irregularly,whenever you feel you can spare extra amount for investing.

Can I Transfer Existing Shares Or Mutual Funds Holdings?


As long as your Pan card matches, You can transfer pre-existing shares or Mutual Funds into your new Demat Account opened under us.

Mutual Funds stays as it is. (Regular stays regular & Direct stays direct)

This transferring is a manual process.

Account Opening Is Online Or Offline?

Is Online. An OTP to your Adhaar linked mobile is enough.

Cost Of Account Opening?

CDSL charges 200 rs per year. A one-time 1000 rupees. Up-Front for 5 Years.


All other account opening charge is borne out of pocket by us.

Can I Give Nominee?

Even if you don’t give us a nominee, your legal heir receives the asset

Can I Use Same Mobile Number For Mine And Spouse Account?


Using a Family Declaration document, Single person can get information about multiple accounts within family.

Can I Transfer My Existing Stock From Other Broker?

Yes. Using Delivery Instruction Slips to your current Broker, Request them to transfer those shares to your own demat account, in Motilal Oswal