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Leverage Black Box

Sometimes an Real estate Property stays under your ownership forever because it provides you with rental cash flow. Similarly an equity portfolio is your Real Estate. However when dividend income is insufficient, one tend to exit this asset, due to lack of cash flow. Leverage Black Box product guides you in generating a cash flow – using features that are unique to a Demat/Trading account.

How does this work?

  • You will open a demat account with our platform partner, motilal Oswal.
  • You will fund your own demat account, opened using your pan, adhaar, bank details. This provides you with complete control upon your capital.
  • We act as your stock broker. 
  • In consultation with you, Once we agree and permission is provided, we will execute trade orders in your demat, on your behalf.
  • Open the mobile app , keep monitoring your demat account 24×7.

For Whom ?

  • This suits someone who already has a Existing Portfolio. Seeking additional cash flow against this holding.
  • The portfolio can be existing Stocks or Mutual Funds (exclude ELSS)
  • Margin is utilized against the holdings.
  • Objective is to earn 1% additional monthly cash flow from derivatives structure.


  • You will loose 3% once every 18 months. That is 15,000 upon 5 lac capital.
  • However all other 17 months, we expect 1% average cash flow or 5000 rs per month. Thus numbers are in our favor.
  • Purpose of the derivative structure is not to earn in rally nor loose is market crash.
  • The derivatives structure is hedged on both sides, making it Black Swan proof.

charasteristics of blackbox

How does the MotilalOswal app looks like?

MotilalOswal APP feel and look. Keeps you updated with actual profit/losses. Fund payout is a click away

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