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Your Premium Wealth Creator




Hire us as Wealth partner

Pay us, only if, you benefit from us.

We are willing to commit our time and resources upfront for you, Until you earn your 1 Lakh profit

Demat Account Manager

You need a stock broker who opens an Demat account in your name when it comes to buying any electronic asset like shares, Bonds etc under your ownership.

We basically guide you about

“Which” share to buy.
“How” long to hold then
“When” to exit them
“How much” amount to invest etc..

We are NOT

Not Tips Providers

Not MF distributors

Not Insurance sellers

Not PMS sellers

Not LIC agents

We are the guys whom you hire to manage your Demat account.

Your Demat Account.
Your legal Property.
You order,we execute.
Single click withdraw.
Secure. Bank-to-Bank.
Mobile APP.


Contact Us

Why Us?

Don't pay us

You don't pay us unless you see one lakh profit first. Pay us 10% after you see the result.

Superior Result

We beat Nifty with less drawdown. That's what you seek from experts.

♦ It’s Your Demat Account – Our Strategy.

♦ Monitor & Verify account balance 24×7.

♦ Withdraw Anytime.

♦ No Brainer in every sense.

Connect With Us

Challenges we solved

No pooling of Capital

Every Execution is done with your permission

Single click, withdraw capital

100% Secure Transactions

Dashboard to track holdings.

ZERO fee • No trail commission

•No AMC •No Lock-in •No expense Ratio •No Exit load

Never pay unless you see results.


  • How do I fund my account?

    At the account opening KYC stage, you would have submitted us with a bank proof. Payment from that bank account ONLY will be accepted.
    Internet banking( RTGS), Online Payment gateway from Motilal’s app, UPI are various modes of transfer. We do not accept Cash.

  • What will happen if moneydhan closes down?

    Your Demat is under CDSL where all the stocks/Mf holding is safely stored. Accessible to your direction as well, without our presence.
    If we don’t exist, surely the Motilal Oswal team will be there to service your needs. Under no circumstances, you would have an issue with your holdings or payouts.

  • How do I withdraw money from my account?

    You can withdraw cash from your account at any time. All you have to do is initiate the withdrawal process from the ‘Payout’ tab on the mobile app or desktop. The money will be wired directly to your bank account. It may take the same 2 hours – 4 business days for the Amount to reflect.

  • What is your fee structure?

    10 % of profit share. We usually target 1 lac profit so as to request 10k ( 10 % ).

  • Who executes my order?

    We seek permission via Registered email before every execution.
    Using our master terminal, we execute the order, in your account.
    Via mobile app from a broker, you can always verify the Trades, Profit or Loss, net balance lives.

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Mister Shesadri

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Black Box Alpha Short Term

Leverage Black Box Alpha product guides you in generating cash flow – using features that are unique to a Demat/Trading account.


Who should choose Black Box Alpha?

  • This suits someone who already holds an Existing Portfolio & Seeking additional cash flow against this holding.
  • The portfolio can be existing Stocks or Mutual Funds (exclude ELSS).
  • Broker provides margin against holdings. We use this margin To generate additional cash flow from Derivatives.
  • Risk takers who volunteers to see a drawdown upto 20% on capital.
  • Not suited for retired personnels with no other source of income.

Track Record of Black Box Alpha?

Am curious but need to understand this product better

  • We understand derivatives is an notorious product due to its leverage.
  • We do not use beyond 50% leverage while derivatives provide you with 900% leverage.
  • This is not a simple product to understand at one glance. We request you to drop a “HI” on our whatsapp. Our Request for a call back via our Contact US Page


Low to Medium

Minimum Investment

Rupees 5 Lakh

Tax Liability

Short or Long Term Capital Gains

Preferred Holding Period

3 Years to 5 Years

Suitable Person

Long Term Investors with goal based Wealth Creation


When you earn 1 Lakh, we Request 10 Thousand

Whom you Trust

Motilal Oswal is the Broker Whom you Trust.

How Does this work

1. KYC

Demat Account is opened using your “know Your Customer”(KYC) documents.
We have partnered with one of the top leading stock broking firm. This is a paperless process.

2. Fund

Fund your Demat Account via internet Banking.

Its secure. The payment is accepted only from the bank account (yours) approved at KYC stage. Similarly, Payout will go to the same bank account. One bank Account for Pay-in and pay-out. Nobody else can take touch your capital ever.

3. Risk Profile

This is where we will have a discussion about your future financial goals. Dependents, Upcoming financial commitments. We risk profile you based on the data.

Idea is to tailor make a portfolio for optimal returns that suits your age & risk capacity.

4. Permission

We consult you before every BUY or Sell in Demat Account.
We seek your permission as email or call recording.

Post this compliance step, we execute that order in your Demat account via, our master terminal.

All you need to do is confirm email which we send 15 hours before market opens.
we do not take spontaneous trades. Everything is pre-planned.

5. Monitor

You, as the owner of this Demat account gets complete access via mobile app. Monitor and stay updated with your account 24X7.

You do not have to share your password with us. Being SEBI registered AP, We have access to your account from our back-office.

You can click on “Request Payout” in app & pull out capital any time. Download all the reports for Income Tax filing in one click.

6. Grow wealth

No fee, No Charges, No exit Load, No lock-in period, No expense Ratio, No AMC, No pooling of your money, No un-authorized transaction.

We request for Rs 10 thousand after you earn 1 Lakh profit. The Mobile app should show you the profits.