Nifty Beater

By SEBI Registered Investment Advisory

This is a structred product, using futures and options. This is th kind of product that is used by hedge funds and large insitutional investors.

Usually, you will find this type of products only under hedge fund category 3 of Alternative investment funds.

Minimum capital is 1 crore there.
with usual lock-in period of 3 years or more.

Nifty Beater Products

Hedge Funds (Structure Products)

Hedge fund in India is knows as Alternative Investment Funds Category 3. These are the funds which can make money even when market falls. Else mutual funds, Portfolio Management Services or other stock related products can make profits only if shares go up.

Well, what do we do when shares are about fall?

When share falls, the best option available to us all is an exit from stocks and convert the holdings into cash. Then we sit quiet, Wait out the fall and re-enter those stock at lower price, in hope of a rally to upside in market.

Meanwhile an hedge fund short sells stocks and earns profits from falling market. An luxury which normal market products are barred from utilising, by regulator SEBI.

But HEDGE fund is not for all.

Hedge Fund needs you to invest minimum of 1 crore as capital. While you get services from Mutual funds at a cost as low as 500 rupees capital.

Hedge Funds

But hey, we found a small loop hole here.

What these Hedge Fund do is pool your money, into a single account. Just like a mutual fund pools your money, into single account. They give you an NAV (Net Asset Value)

You will be pleasantly surprised that, you can execute the same strategies that a hedge fund executes, in your own demat account. There is no restriction whatsoever on an individual, from regulator SEBI.

All you need is a proper guidance to manage this double edged sword. Enters a SEBI registered Investment Advisor like

We send our advice to you, over email. Which can be executed by you in your own demat account.

Since money is not pooled anywhere, you get the benefits of hedge fund strategies without committing 1 crore.

SEBI-RIA INA200016193


Stocks & Weights

Minimum Investment Amount

₹ 5,00,000

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