Mr Gala


Mr Gala

15 Lakh

Capital Invested

6.58 K

Absolute Profit

43.92 %

Profit Percentage

39 Months

Time Duration

We earn 0% commission or kickbacks from anyone else. Our only source of income is 10% profit share from you.

Our Rules

Mr Kush is a Delhi based businessman who started with a 20 lakh with us. Then added 10 lakh more.

Found after reading quora answer,
Where do rich people invest in India?

Equity has not been kind to people since 2018. He is 5 % up since start.

Derivatives which is independent of market direction has been compensating for all the lagging.

This is a man who knows what it takes to create long term wealth.
We know this is a test capital from him. We are confident to attract his other investments towards our advisory.

We buy And Hold With No Churning


Demat Long Term (Equity)


Black Box Alpha ST (Derivatives)


Net Profit/Loss

Capital Gain Report

The document market participant needs for Income Tax Filing Purpose

Account Performance Report

Find Answers to, What was the Low or High witnessed? What was the net profit or Loss in the client account ?
  • A) Equity & MF
  • B) BlackBox Alpha
  • A + B ) Net Profit & Loss

Comparison of Performance

Beating Nifty and staying above it is the recipe for wealth creation.
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