Mr Shubham


Mr Shubham

5.98 Lakh

Capital Invested

2.08 Lakh

Absolute Profit

36.55 %

Profit Percentage

42 Months

Time Duration

Our Rules

We buy And Hold With No Churning

Mr Shubham is from Delhi.

A young Financial Market enthusiast who is working for a US based Mortage Lender.

Objective here is to accumulate amount for his retirement and provide some cash flow for monthly expenses.

Since 2019 June, the market has been behaving erratic. Post March crash, his equity is in negative. People hire us not for profits but, for our judgement in market.

We are good at managing various risk so that the portfolio Stays steady and grows consistently. Check out how derivatives call selling against his Equity portfolio has worked wonders. This is the advantage a Demat account owner enjoys over an Mutual fund.

24.62 %

Demat Long Term (Equity)

11.93 %

Black Box Alpha ST (Derivatives)

36.55 %

Net Profit/Loss

Capital Gain Report

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Account Performance Report

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