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Track Record


Mr Seshadri is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor himself. 20 years Risk Head at IL&FS Securities. He hired us to […]


Mahesh is a CA from Pune.

Mr. Kush

Trusted us with 20 Lakh at first go itself. After checking on our progress, he was kind enough to add […]

Mrs. Shruthi

Mrs Shruti opened Demat Account in February Month 2020. A question was raised by an enquiry recently. How did the […]

Mr. Shubham

Mr Shubham is from Delhi. A young Financial Market enthusiast who is working for a US based Mortage Lender. Objective […]

Mr. Gala

Mister Gala is a Marwari businessman, with deep pockets, for high-risk tolerance. We implemented a directional, long-only, leveraged,...

Mrs. Swathi

Last 1 year (Jan 2019-2020) performance for a mother of two kids. Earning a decent salary.

Mr. Sukhdev

Mr. Sukhdev is the one person who has seen our worst numbers in his account. Faced Il&FS crisis, 2019 election […]