Weekly Expiry Trades in NIFTY using Options

Weekly Expiry

It is well known that, When an Options contract expires in a week, We get to earn the premium faster due to Theta Decay.




What Is Weekly Expiry

The strategies that rich use for themselves. Derivatives (F&O)

Nifty is India’s Index. Among-st Derivatives products, Options is very popular for its premium earning opportunity. An option seller generates cash flow from writing Options, on weekly basis. It is well known that, When an Options contract expires in a week, We get to earn the premium faster due to Theta Decay.

Example: An Car insurance company takes your premium for 1 year. If the Event ( car accident) never happens, the company gets to keep that premium (Insurance buyers loss). However, if the event gets triggered, In this example a car accident, the insurance must pay out 1 or 2 lakh rupees in one go.

Consider this strategy similar to an insurance Company in Finance Market.
If the pre-determined (event ) price do not come in Nifty within 1 week, You get to keep the premium.

Our skills ,analysis and robust use of actuarial probability stats helps us to avoid this “event trigger”. We basically want the premium but don’t want to give huge payouts for event trigger. The game is simple to play, tough to analyze and execute. We do that in this strategy.

Allow us to explain You in a better way with example

Weekly Intraday strategies. Mostly Option writing.

Note that there cannot be “compounding” in this strategy. Take out the profits and save it for rainy day.

We have been doing this successfully in our internal in-House fund. This has been paying us for our monthly expenses. Such that now we have cash to burn for next 4-5 years, in the bank.
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Weekly expiry product profit / loss growth

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Who is MoneyDhan.com ?

MoneyDhan is a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor which guides you with Demat Account Management.

The intention is to use Stock Market as a source of income which could provide sufficient wealth appreciation inorder to meet future Financial Goals for every Indian citizen.

Is my Money Safe?

Yes. It is safe and secure from any kind of potential fraud or glitch of the system.

We do not accept any of your capital. You fund your own demat account, opened under a legal exchange governed stock broker. (Zerodha/Sharekha/motilal oswal etc). They hold your capital whereas moneydhan just advises you, on the action to be taken in your demat account.

Does this product suits me?

Indian Citizens who earn more than 1 Lakh cash flow per month.

You are volunteering to take a risk of 1-2 Lakhs on worst case.

You seek faster returns, close to 15 thousand per month against 5 Lakh.

What kind of Risk is taken?

On any given Day, you risk 20% of your capital. This is 1 Lakh per 5 Lakh capital.

We strive to generate 3% per month. This means, in 6 Months one should earn 18%.

If 6 months transcend properly, Your capital gets safe due to 20%+ profit.

We do not assure the performance.

You are volunteering for the risk with an potential to earn higher income.

When can i withdraw the profits?

Any profit can be withdrawn any time.

What are the documents required.

Required documents

  1. Pan card (color copy)
  2. Adhaar card (both sides/color)
  3. Passport size pic (color)
  4. Your mother name
  5. Your place of birth
  6. A pic of cheque
  7. Email id
  8. Mobile number
  9. Married or single

Then, any one of the following

6 months bank statement upto July end / or / 3 month pay slip / or / form 16 / or / last 3 year ITR acknowledgement

Who executes my order?

We seek permission via Registered email before every execution.

Using our master terminal, we execute the order, in your account.

Via mobile app from the broker, you can always verify the Trades, Profit or Loss, net balance lives.

What is your fee?

We Request you 10 thousand rupees after you earn 1 Lakh first.

There is no time or monthly system. We will wait any amount of time, until you earn 1 Lakh

Minimum Amount Required?

For Demat Equity Long Term, Any amount is fine. There is no minimum Requirement of investment Capital.

When you invest 1 Lakh. We hope, to generate 100% profit within 5 years. That is 1 Lakh profit.

We are willing to wait 5 years for our cut of 10 thousand.

What will happen if moneydhan closes down?

Your Demat is under CDSL where all the stocks/Mf holding is safely stored. Accessible to your direction as well, without our presence.
If we don’t exist, surely the Motilal Oswal team will be there to service your needs. Under no circumstances, you would have an issue with your holdings or payouts.

Do you place hedge or stoplosses?

NO. This is naked option selling with no hedge.
Our biggest risk is observe night Gap up or Gap down.
We believe we have the skill sets, the talented team who can mitigate this risk.

What is your fee structure?

We request 10 thousand from you. After you gain 1 Lakh profit.