NIFTY November 2020

Nifty is 1085 points up since opening for November month, at the time of writing this answer. Today is Diwali , Saturday 14th of November.Nifty closed at all time high. Did you know,Nifty never made a closing above 6.8% in November month till date. This means we should expect nifty to close below 12600 by […]

At all-time high, Is it a good time to book profits in the stock market?

In March, everyone panicked and missed the rarest opportunity to Invest at discount prices in Shares. Index from its lowest position managed to rally up by 50%. An 10 lakh investment is worth 15 lakh today. 5 lakh profit is handsome in 6 months. At 6% it takes 8 years to gain 50% in Fixed […]

What is the rich people’s investment strategy?

The nutshell of investment is how fast doubled your money and, what was the initial investment? A rich Guy before making any investment looks at few needs Scalability – Ability to multiply Transparency – Frequent Updates Liquidity – Easy Exit Enough of theory, let me demonstrate the various practical ways ; 1. Using your own hands A tea […]

How is Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund for long-term investment?

Mirae Bluechip fund invests in following sectors. Banks, Pharma and IT sector consumes 40% of your invested capital. Performance of the MF depends on these 3 sectors. Where Is the money invested? What is the cost for 1 lac, by availing service of this Mutual Fund? Even if the name is bluechip, this MF is […]

Should I invest in index funds in India?

Nifty50 (NSE index) is a bag that holds within the top 50 stocks of india, in terms of market capitalization (value of company) and liquidity (ease of buying or selling at will) Once i told my friend that “ Nifty, it makes a new high every 3 years” He was impressed and consequently he said, […]

WorldCup and HDFCBANK

In year 2012 , while reading a Facebook comment intrigued me. The person made a statement, HDFCBANK doubles every 4 years. Well, India lost in the semi finals of the 2019 world-cup. No matter what actions you take, one must wait until 2023 for another chance to claim the world-cup. My profile would hint that […]

How did the LTCM hedge fund blow up?

In the 1950s, individuals dominated trading. Now institutions with nearly unlimited resources make up 90% of daily trading volume. There are ever increasing 325,000 Bloomberg terminals and 120,000 Chartered Financial Analysts. Technology and the explosion of information have leveled the playing field. John Meriwether founded LongTerm Capital Management in 1994. For 2 decades before LTCM […]

Is ITC stock good for the long term?

ITC is everyones favorite discussion topic stock in year 2020. Firstly, Why would you want to buy ITC stocks? ITC has been consistently growing year after year since 2000 till year 2019. Its Market Value was just 18 thousand crore in year 2000. Last year 2019, ITC was worth 3.63 lac crore ! The above […]

AMC market value should be larger than Banks or NBFC

Great PMS manager Shankar Sharma once enlightened us, in an interview. An Asset Management Company has zero risk. It transfers all it’s risk to the investors. Think of Franklin Debt fund winding up. A bank bears the risk of Default by the company or individual who borrows. Bank must repay it’s depositors. Yes Bank paid […]

Probability Estimation Guessing Analytical

Let’s Start Many of us fears to take a decision confidently in career, business or in life. So Why not just make it simple and statistically significant also. Yes you can with some basic common sense and some probabilistic attitude . I am here to explain you the basics of estimation to make your guess […]